Powdered Metal parts

Custom made mechanical parts in a wide range of usages such as Automotive, Lawn & Garden, Hand Tool, Industrial & Electric, and even Defense, etc

About Us​

Located in Taiwan, founded over 30 years with many difficult parts made. High density parts by powdered metal process are a breakthrough only recently with great opportunity ahead!

Our Specialty

High Strength & Density Breakthrough

A breakthrough of Powered Metal ( PM ) process to achieve higher density up to 7.6g/cm3 thus to have higher strength at slightly higher cost compared to previous PM parts.

hard to form rack for braking slack adjusters

Hard to Form Parts

If shapes are too complicated for compaction before sintering can’t be done, then the parts can’t be made by PM.
We specialize in small to medium parts even they are not available from otherwhere. We have good experience and knowledge from our proven success.

PM Electrical Plating with colors available

Surface finishes by EDP Electrophoretic Disposition Coating, Electro Plating in colors

EDP color in black for wheel chairs- locking discs that require finish with good appearance. PM is known for difficulty to process the finishing due to porosity nature.Electric plating with colors also possible.

Bush Axle for Farm Tractor

Bush Axle – PM

Original made by casted bronze. We converted to lower cost iron sinter and machined with good finish and precision. It’s a success to replace higher cost copper material.

Small to Medium Parts

Small and hard to form parts are also our specialty. No too many PMers are available for small medium parts. We as a typical Small and Medium industry are welcoming such inquiries. Parts we made have high percentage of small to medium and complicated parts.

Gerotor Low and High Pressure

We are proud of our capability to provide design and manufacturing the rotors even quality is demanding.
Gerotors for Oil Pumps – for low pressure lubrication use it is a standard now by powdered metal. But for high pressure Obital Valves – PM is considered not workable for use so far. They are made by steel bar stock with dedicate machining and grinding machines. However, we have now high strength material so that will work with confidence.

Typical Industries We Serve!

Bushes in various material such as iron, bronze, or stainless steel

Metal parts for slack adjusters – Rack, Pinion, Gear Control, and other parts

Shift-level very demanding for dimensions, hardness, and pin pulling forces, and blind screw hole depth

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