An engineering minded manufacturer that never wants to give up solutions for our customers!

Since 2006, Our Team Has Succeeded In Developing The Needs Of The Industry And Creating Reliable Products To Serve Them All.​ Notably on higher density PM parts for one of our main customers.

We are proud of our engineering capability to solve problems for our customers. As a medium sized manufacturer, we are flexible and have the resources in veteran engineers, tool technical knowledges and new materials.
Our equipment and facilities are acquired with a rational principle – that says we buy lower cost but with capability to achieve the functions required thus our cost is competitive in cost and quality.

Innovative Solutions​

Even for us as a traditional powdered metal part – PM manufacturer, we have to do something when we encountered problems like failures to press the green parts before sintering for reasons of powders,machines, tooling, sintering and other secondary operations like machining, heat treatments, finishing.

PM has strength limitation due to porosity by its nature for aggravation of powders with lubricants. Many innovations have done for improving the density, yet to our experience, process and equipment are hard to come by while result and cost is not very obvious.

Now we have got a new format material supply and higher temperature sintering with less shrinkage. We call it high heat performance PM. To get a higher density is possible by press-and-sinter process. With the availability of this HPM powders, we can make many parts that were weaker in strength.

We Are a 60 medium sized powdered metal parts manufacturer in Taiwan.​

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