Gerotors for oil pumps

We are proud of our capability to provide designs and manufacturing the rotors even quality is demanding.
Gerotors for Oil Pumps – for low pressure lubrication has become a standard now by powdered metal. But for high pressure such as Obital Valves – PM is considered not workable for use so far. They are made by steel bar stock with costly dedicated machining and grinding machines. However, we have now high strength material so that will work with PM is possible.

Gerotors made by powdered metal has the advantage of higher production rate and lower cost in machining. The low-pressure lubrications The low-pressure lubrications pumps with high quantities usually use powdered metal gerotors

But for high hydraulic pressure use, the outer rotor is not sustainable for high inner pressures. Breakage is unavoidable. In addition, leakage happens due to the porosity nature.

With the new proved material and process, we are able to produce the gerotor for high pressure use using PM process.

Alloy steel gerotors by machining
High pressure rotors can be made by PM under development

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