High Strength Powdered Metal Parts

Higher strength powdered metal parts

high density PM gear
high strength gears by PM at 7.6 density

We have come up with a new process that we can make the density above 7.3 to 7.6 g/cm2, which is a breakthrough from our over than 30 year experience for trying to get higher density parts for our demanding customers to replace the higher cost and strength processes such as investment casting, machining from conventional metal stocks, forging  and Metal Injection Molding (MIM). 

Powder metallurgy aka powdered metal ,PM, sinter metal use well-prepared powders with lubricant and other chemicals then putting into cavity tool die for compaction. However, limitation is there due to proper particle sizes are required for  flow and powder movement. This makes the porosity within the green compaction. After sintering operation, the lubricant is removed thus makes the porosityw inside with lower density and strength.

Conventional powdered metal part manufacturers are limited to produce higher density and strength parts.

Thre are many processes that can raise the density from a bit higher to even 7.8 but with limitations such as facilities, quantity thus the cost is not effective.

With this, we can challenge many parts that require higher density but better cost, even larger parts that MIM can’t do due to higher material cost

Our green to sintered dimensional change is about -0.6% while MIM could be -20%, which will be a shortfall for larger parts.

The improvement is to use proprietary powders that can be pressed with normal green and after high temperature sintering to get the desired high density.

This chance is a great leap for us to provide better value for our potential customers who could not use our relatively low density parts such as gears, bushes, and many other structural mechanical parts.

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