New Innovation on Sintered Gerotors for high pressure

Gerotors made by powdered metal has the advantage of higher production delivery and lower cost in machining. The low-pressure lubrications pumps with high quantities usually use powdered gerotors.

But for high hydraulic pressure use, the outer rotor is not sustainable for high inner pressures. Breakage is unavoidable. In addition, leakage happens due to the porosity nature. Especially when outer rotor is used as stator, even without breakage, leaking of oil makes it not workable.

To solve the problems, we have come out with a patent pending innovation by using pre-stressed steel ring on the outer rotor or the stator.

Depending on the pressure, the strength can be reinforced to desired level.

Used for air conditioning oil pump

Small sized hydraulic pump rotor

Oil pressure and volume, forward and reverse noise level are critical.

85 mm rotor for car oil pump